Saturday, June 22, 2013

Film Recommendation: The Place Beyond the Pines

This is usually not what I post, but it's a great film that I think everybody should see, so enjoy!

I feel like I have to explain this post a teeny weeny little bit. I didn't even watch this movie yet, but the German internet page I am working for in the very near future (which is getting me all excited to be honest) posted a short video review very recently after its release in Germany, and I was so taken by what I heard that I'm probably gonna go and see it as soon as possible. In English (if that is even possible in the little big town I live in). Ryan Gosling and whats-his-face are always great to see, and Ray Liotta is one of my favourite villain-actors of all time anyway. So go, imaginary readers, watch the movie and let me know how you liked it!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summery chilledness

Hello there, dear reader (in case you exist) This here little tune just stumbled into my mailbox by accident, German label Audiolith sent me a newsletter containing rampue's remix of Alton Miller & Amp Fiddler's "When the Morning comes". Give it a spin and enjoy!

Soundcloud Link

Monday, January 10, 2011

Marking Scheme no. 1 - Blog

Before I begin, I again want to say that all that I'm presenting here as objective criteria to be considered "good" is, of course, highly subjective. I only want to structure the reviews I will upload here to a certain extent.

Blogs should feature:

  • a topic (blogs may of course have more than one topic, but they should not lack a topic - I do not consider stories of someone's everyday life as meaningful)
  • an appealing design (if a blog uses a standard template, it is obvious that the author hasn't spent much time on creating it)
  • appropriate language (this category is probably the most subjective one. Some people might consider it too harsh to say that a blog about electronic music does not need to sound fancy, but that's exactly what I'm getting at. Don't use language typical of academic discourse if you're talking about pup culture. Of course, I would not say that political blogs should use youth slang as well)
  • interactivity (this is, for me, the most important point at all, for I always like to download new stuff or find cool new features for my cellphone or netbook)
  • activity of the author (pretty much self-explanatory)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What I'm gonna do with this

Hey guys (I got no idea if anyone actually reads this, I'm just gonna pretend this is the case)
By writing this, I'm gonna try and give some direction or plan as to what you will be able to read here if you do decide to read the blog on a regular basis.
I want to create a sort of  "marking scheme" for blogs, websites, journals or anything else I find particularly interesting that has some relation to the type of music I'm listening to, be it clothes, music, movies or else.
I know that this is gonna be a bit of "work", but I hope I'm gonna finish it anyway. :-)
To be precise, I'll start right know by giving you guys a list of features that each of the things I just mentioned has to have. The next post will be on music, obviously.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Soooo.... Finally, my first post. After I still didn't quite get the hang of this "Blogging"-thing, I still decided to give it a try and just go ahead and hammer everything I can think of into my keyboard. Massive spam will follow, so do not read this post unless the author of this blog or one of his friends or costudents/-workers forced you to.
Fun stuff I found out on the internet: THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS TO GET MUSIC FOR FREE LEGALLY! I'm just amazed about all the ways to suck all the life out of Universal, Sony BMG and the like without committing any crimes. AWESOME! To begin my list, which I will hopefully add more entries to from time to time, I would like to remind you of the list of links I posted down there
Another great thing is that Napster (yeah, it was illegal, it still is sort of awkward to think of it as a serious company, but believe me, it rox!) just decided to enlargen their music reservoir again. To be honest, I couldn't find two bands there so far, namely "We are with you in the night", which isn't that bad and "I heart sharks", which isn't really too sad, either. Everyone of you who is interested in paying for music and getting A WHOLE BUNCH of songs/albums/awesomeness per month, go for the Napster Flat. And google "Tunebite". :-)
Last but not least, today's dose of WHAT THE FUCK I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT: