Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Soooo.... Finally, my first post. After I still didn't quite get the hang of this "Blogging"-thing, I still decided to give it a try and just go ahead and hammer everything I can think of into my keyboard. Massive spam will follow, so do not read this post unless the author of this blog or one of his friends or costudents/-workers forced you to.
Fun stuff I found out on the internet: THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS TO GET MUSIC FOR FREE LEGALLY! I'm just amazed about all the ways to suck all the life out of Universal, Sony BMG and the like without committing any crimes. AWESOME! To begin my list, which I will hopefully add more entries to from time to time, I would like to remind you of the list of links I posted down there
Another great thing is that Napster (yeah, it was illegal, it still is sort of awkward to think of it as a serious company, but believe me, it rox!) just decided to enlargen their music reservoir again. To be honest, I couldn't find two bands there so far, namely "We are with you in the night", which isn't that bad and "I heart sharks", which isn't really too sad, either. Everyone of you who is interested in paying for music and getting A WHOLE BUNCH of songs/albums/awesomeness per month, go for the Napster Flat. And google "Tunebite". :-)
Last but not least, today's dose of WHAT THE FUCK I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT:

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