Monday, January 10, 2011

Marking Scheme no. 1 - Blog

Before I begin, I again want to say that all that I'm presenting here as objective criteria to be considered "good" is, of course, highly subjective. I only want to structure the reviews I will upload here to a certain extent.

Blogs should feature:

  • a topic (blogs may of course have more than one topic, but they should not lack a topic - I do not consider stories of someone's everyday life as meaningful)
  • an appealing design (if a blog uses a standard template, it is obvious that the author hasn't spent much time on creating it)
  • appropriate language (this category is probably the most subjective one. Some people might consider it too harsh to say that a blog about electronic music does not need to sound fancy, but that's exactly what I'm getting at. Don't use language typical of academic discourse if you're talking about pup culture. Of course, I would not say that political blogs should use youth slang as well)
  • interactivity (this is, for me, the most important point at all, for I always like to download new stuff or find cool new features for my cellphone or netbook)
  • activity of the author (pretty much self-explanatory)

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